Chandler walnut vs Vina walnut

Walnuts are a popular ingredient and snack- not only for their taste but for their abundant health benefits. Walnuts in California are known as the healthiest walnut when eaten in moderation. Although there are a variety of walnuts, there are 2 walnuts that you should add to your cart- Vina Walnut and Chandler Walnut. Let us take you through the differences and benefits of these two walnuts.

Chandler walnut vs Vina walnut

Chandler Walnut

Chandler Walnut is one of the best walnuts found in the California region. In the year 1979, the University of California presented this variety of walnuts which were named by an arboriculture professor W.H. Chandler. It is a special tree that has semi-open behavior and has small to medium growth. It has continuous and satisfactory production. Deep and slightly calcareous soils are preferred to grow chandler trees. These walnuts can be stored for 11 to 12 months at below 10 ° C. Cisco, franquette and Fernette are pollenizers of Chandler walnut. It is believed that the chandler tree gives the best results when combined with frenquette for pollination.

There are so many reasons why it is world-famous. It is known for its buttery taste and mild pleasing flavor. It has got dependable yields making it a profitable walnut. Also, these trees produce excellent high-quality nuts in oval shape and fairly smooth nuts making it a commercial variety of walnuts.

Vina Walnut

Vina Walnut is one of the tastiest walnuts available in California. It is an early-to-midseason harvest that has high fruitfulness. Vina Walnut is mostly grown in hot-summer areas. It is quite popular for its quality and high yield. Vina is a medium-sized nut and has a tight seal so are good keepers. This tasty walnut is highly productive with moderate vigor and a heavy cropper. Chico, Chandler, Techama, and Howard are the pollinizers used for Vina Walnut.

Characteristics of Chandler Walnut vs Vina Walnut

Color: Chandler walnuts are in a light color and Vina walnuts are in light amber color. Both these walnuts look perfect in terms of color.

Shell: While the chandler’s shell is thin, Vina Walnut’s shell is moderately thick. Chandler’s thin shell makes it a popular walnut in the world.

Flavor: When it comes to flavor, Chandler is mild and gentle, however, Vina has more flavor than Chandler.

Yield & Halves yield: The yields of chandler are typically 48 to 51% and have high yields early in life. The yields of vina are 46 to 49%. Also, the halves yield of Chandler is high but it is low in Vina walnut.

Health Benefits of Chandler Walnut & Vina Walnut

Both Chandler Walnut and Vina Walnut have amazing health benefits. They are an excellent source of protein. These walnuts are rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin E, fiber, magnesium, and Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Tips to store Vina & Chandler Walnut
  • To ensure maximum life, store these walnuts in a cool environment• To ensure maximum life, store these walnuts in a cool environment
  • Store these walnuts in low moisture & low temperature between 33-41ºF 
Final Assessment of Chandler & Vina Walnut

Chandler Walnut: It is the most common variety of walnuts with excellent color and halves. It has got fewer pest problems but a relatively late harvest.
Vina Walnut: Vina Walnut is highly productive but it is less popular for its inadequate kernel color and branch structure.

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