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If you’re looking to buy Vina walnut online? You’ve come to the right place as our Vina walnuts are naturally grown and sourced from California. Feel free to buy walnuts at Moxley Gardens as we meet food safety qualifications.

What is Vina Walnut

The Vina walnut, which is harvested in the early to mid-season, has a high level of side fertility and bears medium-quality pointed nuts with well-sealed shells. Although the proportion of light-colored kernels is relatively low. Vina works well in regions with hot summers. The Vina walnut is medium-sized and is well known for its good quality and high yield.

Why We Are Unique

In the United States, 99% of the country’s total nut production comes from the fertile soil of the Central California valley. California accounts for approximately 75% of the world’s nut production. Thanks to the unique Mediterranean climate of the Central Valley and the abundant water reserves in Northern California, the walnut plantations are thriving.
So there are many other Vina walnut suppliers in California but what makes Moxley Gardens unique is our naturally walnut growth and dedication towards maintaining the highest food safety qualifications.
Not a lot of time spent in this niche but we have gained good fame in the walnut industry due to our quality products in the California area.

Buy best organic Vina Walnuts online

What We Do

We’re a certified walnut company in California.
Our Vina walnuts are naturally grown and sourced from the world’s top growing region(California) and we are keen to meet the highest food safety qualifications.

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