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At Moxley Gardens, you get the best quality chandler walnuts in California. We’re always keen on giving our best and making sure no compromise is done when it’s come to the quality of our product. We’re simply one of the best Chandler Walnut suppliers in California.

What is Chandler Walnut

The University of California introduced Chandler Walnut in 1979 and named it after W.H. Chandler, professor of pomology at U. C. Davis. Today it is one of the best variety of walnut grown in California. Chandler walnut is large, smooth and oval with a good shell connection. Chandlers are known all over the world and are highly valued by buyers for their extra light, high-quality beans. The Chandlers are harvested from the middle to the end of the season and offer one of the highest grain yields of all varieties.

Everything you need to know about Chandler Walnuts


There is no doubt in saying Chandler walnut is one of the leading walnuts with a mild, pleasing flavor, taste, and dependable yields. They are known for their high-quality kernels and nut flavor. Chandler Walnut in California produces heavy crops with fine quality smooth nuts in an oval shape. Scroll down to know everything about Chandler Trees.

About Chandler Walnuts in California

California is famous for a wide variety of walnuts; one of the top-selling is chandler. In California, these walnuts are harvested in the fall between September to early November. They grow best in well-drained, deep, and fertile soils. Since Chandler walnuts have deep roots, the orchard locations should have at least 5-6 feet of absorbent soil that is abundantly available in California making it the best place for Chandler cultivation.

Shells: Chandler shells are large, smooth, and oval-shaped with good seals that prevent accidental breakage irrespective of the age of the tree. Initially, chandler shells are thin, however, as the tree ages, the shells strengthen.

Kernels: Kernels of chandler walnuts are known for their quality. They are often described as pearls, for their attractive light color. These kernels can be easily removed from the shell in perfect butterfly halves making it one of the benefits for many buyers.

Pollenizing: One of the advantages of the Chandler tree is its self-pollinating nature and it can yield walnuts without a pollenizer. But you can get higher yields when used with a pollenizer. Commercial growers like Moxley Gardens always use a pollenizer to increase nut yield.

Life Span: The life span of Chandler walnuts in California is the same as any other English walnut trees. These trees can live over 100 years or even longer.

Why We Are Unique

When you buy Chandler Walnut online, the truth is you don’t always know where they’re coming from or how they’ve been harvested, cleaned, handled, or stored. This mostly results in a lackluster walnut and that is far from being impressive or fresh. But we at Moxley Gardens, take care of everything very precisely. Let it be the harvesting, cleaning, handling, or storing our walnuts, we are always keen about giving our best and making sure no compromise is done when it comes to our service or putting effort. The good thing is that our product quality shows it. We’re simply one of the best Chandler Walnut suppliers in California.

Chandler Walnut, Best Quality Walnuts In California

What are the health benefits of California Chandler Walnuts?

Chandler Walnuts are packed with extremely important nutrients. These walnuts are an excellent source of rich proteins and essential fatty acids like Omega-3. The chandler kernels are also rich in vitamins, nutrients, and minerals like Folate, Manganese, Thiamine, and a lot more.

  • Chandler walnuts can reduce cholesterol to a significant amount.
  • It can be surprising, but eating the required amount of chandler walnuts can help in weight loss.
  • It is beneficial for strengthening bones and type-2 diabetes

If you are looking for high-quality Chandler Walnuts in California, then you should definitely our naturally grown walnuts. At Moxley Gardens, you will find the best, safe, and quality walnuts.

What We Do

Our high-quality Chandler Walnut, it’s proper handling and a great positive response from our customers have resulted in Moxley Gardens being a fast-growing walnut company.
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