Natural English Walnut Vina & Chandler


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‘1 Box equals to 25 pounds’


What is Chandler Walnut

The University of California introduced Chandler Walnut in 1979 and named it after W.H. Chandler, professor of pomology at U. C. Davis. Today it is one of the best variety of walnut grown in California. Chandler walnut is large, smooth and oval with a good shell connection. Chandlers are known all over the world and are highly valued by buyers for their extra light, high-quality beans. The Chandlers are harvested from the middle to the end of the season and offer one of the highest grain yields of all varieties.

What is Vina Walnut

The Vina walnut, which is harvested in the early to mid-season, has a high level of side fertility and bears medium-quality pointed nuts with well-sealed shells. Although the proportion of light-colored kernels is relatively low. Vina works well in regions with hot summers. The Vina walnut is medium-sized and is well known for its good quality and high yield.

Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 50 cm

1 Box (25 pounds) = $125, 2 Box (50 pounds) = $250, 3 Box (75 pounds) = $375, 4 Box (100 pounds) = $500, 5 Box (125 pounds) = $500, 6 Box (150 pounds) = $600, 7 Box (175 pounds) = $700, 8 Box (200pounds)= $800, 9 Box (225 pounds)= $900, 10 Box (250 pounds) = $1000

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